Nine9 The Unagency Photoshoot Packages Ad
What was asked for: I was asked to create 2 different Ads for Photography packages offered from Nine9.
What was the process: I was given a handful of stock photos from Nine9 to use, they wanted me to use them, 5-7 photos on each Ad, the brands colors must be used, had to use the verbiage given to me in an effective manner. 
What I gave them: I gave them 2 designs, appropriate amount of photos used for both with the brands colors.  I stuck with the very cubic three-dimensional look from their logo when designing the Ad. I wanted each one to have its own unique design to draw clients in and make sure that the different options were the most noticeable following any additional information.
Any problems faced: I had to take this design back to the Manager of talent/recruitment.  She made me change a few things including font change and layout.  We ended up coming up with the final options you see below for Nine9 to use online, in print and on social media.    
Created in 2016 using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

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