define: The client came to me wanting a pamphlet for a celebration happening in capac.  Due the time of the year, they wanted it to be Fourth of July theme.  
research: I had to know what sponsors they had and what were considered gold, silver and bronze.  the client provided all sponsor names and images and provided all dates and times that they wanted adding including the activity.  I had to find a background that would be big enough to be printed and not pixelated.  finding the perfect text to really draw it all together. 
process: I put together a few different options for our client.  the client picked out a few things from each design that they wanted added into one.  then I took those notes and created the next prototype for the client and sent that over for approval.  there were a few small minor changes that they wanted made and once we got those done and resent over for final approval.  we were able to begin the printing process in house. 
What was 

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